Are you looking for a relaxing wine this summer, but want to steer clear of rosé and are bored of crisp, fresh whites? Chilled red wines could be the answer...

Forget room temperature, sometimes it’s just better to drink red wine chilled.

Lighter styles, such as Beaujolais and lighter Italian reds like classic Valpolicella, can benefit from being lightly chilled – particularly refreshing in the summer months.

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Sarah Jane Evans MW says, ‘As a rule of thumb, the cheaper/simpler the red wine the more it will benefit from being served cool or chilled.

‘Think of the refreshing rustic reds served straight from the fridge in tumblers in Mediterranean bars.’

How long to chill red wine for

Evans recommmends putting a wine in the fridge for half an hour, which will particularly tone down the sensation of soupy warmth in a relatively high alcohol red.

Ideally, chilled red wines are served at a temperature around 13 – 16°C (55 – 60°F).

‘But chilling emphasises tannin and oak – so be careful to serve a well-structured red only a few degrees cooler than usual,’ says Evans.

Try pairing a lighter red wine with paccheri with tomato sauce or rolled pig’s head.

Best red wines to chill:

Belmont, Pinot Noir 2014

Belmont, Pinot Noir 2014

When it comes to Kiwi Pinot Noir, you’d struggle to find a better-value example...

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