Pick a wine and get it chilling...

When the sun is shining, there’s nothing more refreshing than a cool glass of white wine, whatever your favourite style.

If you always stick to Pinot Grigio, or just want something in a similar light, tropical style, have a look at our Pinot Grigio alternatives.

For other crisp, dry, fruit-driven whites, try our top Chablis 2015, great value Loire Sauvignon Blanc or Australian Riesling – a great ‘all-rounder’ style for barbecues, according to our guide.

If you enjoy whites with a bit more weight and oak, check out our South African Chardonnay panel tasting or dry Loire Chenin Blanc.

Remember, these styles don’t need to be served quite as chilled as lighter styles – around 10-14°C will do.

Want to return to memories of your summer holidays? Go for a great value Greek white wine

If enjoying your wine on a picnic, make sure your remember the essentials: a corkscrew, ice packs or ice and glasses.

Take your pick of the wines below, all tasted and rated by Decanter‘s experts – then all you have to do is get it in the fridge…

Top white wines for summer: