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So, the sun is shining and your thoughts are turning to sitting outside in a park with a picnic.

We’ve rounded up some of the best wines to take with you, all rated highly in our recent expert tastings. You can see them below.

But, before you pick the wine itself, consider what else you may need.

Picnic wine essentials:

  • A corkscrew. It sounds obvious, but without one you’ll be left resorting to that Youtube video you once saw about someone opening wine with a shoe.
  • Ice or ice packs. If you’re going for white, rosé, sparkling or even a light red wine, then you’re probably going to need a way of keeping the wine cool. If you’re already out and about, head to the nearest shop and buy ice and salt, according to one of our experts.
  • Glasses. Chances are that it won’t always be possible to have the latest Riedel, grape-specific vessel to hand outside of the home. Plastic glasses can do the job – at a stretch – if not too big or flimsy and the wine is kept cool and fresh. But, if you can, it’s better to go for real glass – the experience is better and the environment will thank you; assuming that you re-use them. A smaller size, such as a 125ml glass, should be fairly durable and stop the wine getting too warm before you drink it. If it’s sparkling wine, flutes will keep the fizz, but our experts think you can do better
  • Consider ordering a picnic wine glass holder: Because life is too short to spend time balancing a wine glass on blades of grass.

Writing and editing by Ellie Douglas and Chris Mercer

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