Premium English sparkling wine to try this summer

Susie Barrie MW picks out her top 15 English sparkling wines to see you through the summer...

2017 was a significant year for the UK wine industry: a million vines were planted, a new competition for its wines was launched, and the WineGB organization was formally announced.

One of the first events for the newly formed WineGB was the annual trade tasting held in April, where there was a palpable buzz of excitement in the air. There were also more wines than ever, with over 200 in 2018 compared to just 68 back in 2002.

Several of my English sparkling wine recommendations below are from this tasting, with the remainder coming from other recent tastings and vineyard visits earlier this year, when I was researching a new book. The list could have been two or even three times as long, but I’ve tried to limit myself mostly to wines from brand new projects, new cuvées from more established producers, and older wines that are at their peak of drinkability.

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