What’s the next big trend in South American wine? Amanda Barnes talks to seven of the region’s leading sommeliers to find out...

South American wine trends: From the sommeliers

Not so long ago, restaurant diners in Buenos Aires and Santiago would be offered a choice of two wines – red or white – and no one could tell you much about either. But since the first sommelier school opened in 1999, the rise of the somm in south America has been hypersonic. Today you’ll find wine lists categorised by micro-region, wine style or even soil type, and everyone has an opinion.

The role of the professional sommelier has become integral to wineries in Argentina and Chile, while in the gastronomy capitals of Peru and Brazil wine culture is escalating hand-in-hand with the renowned cuisine. The new influx of imported wines and greater dissemination of wine communication is giving the new generation an unquenchable thirst for something new, spawning diverse wine trends of which the sommeliers are at the forefront.

Marcelo Pino

Marcelo Pino

Amanda Barnes is editor of www.thesqueezemagazine.com, a guide to wine and travel in Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay

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