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Reimagining Barbera

In the right hands, Piedmont’s most planted red variety can be a serious contender, finds Tom Hyland...

Barbera is the perfect match for simple foods at Piedmont trattoria or osteria, but it’s not just the restaurant-going locals that have overlooked this grape – leading vintners in the region have regularly disparaged it too. Early in his career, Luca Currado, winemaker at Vietti, remembers his father telling him that Barbera was a good way of honing his skills, as few would even notice if he spoiled what was considered a lowly table wine. ‘Work on Barbera, so you can ruin your first wine,’ he quipped, only half-joking. But times are changing: producers in several districts in the region now treat Barbera with a great deal more reverence, as they craft ‘serious’ versions of this wine worthy of cellaring.

Scroll down to see Tom Hyland’s top 10 quality Barberas from Piedmont


See Tom Hyland’s top 10 quality Barberas from Piedmont

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