Make the most of the summer sunshine with one of our expertly selected top 10 rosés from a grand tasting of 322 wines. Whether you're at a barbeque, heading to the beach or relaxing in the garden - do it with a cool glass of refreshing rosé in hand...

Summer is the season for chilled rosé, to be enjoyed during the heat of the day, or on into the balmy nights. From clear pink quartz to glassy topaz, rosé is as beautiful as it is palatable.

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These rosés were the top 10 wines chosen from a mammoth tasting of 322 entries from around the world.

The judges’ top 50 included great examples from Spain, Italy and South Africa – but France is undoubtedly the dominating force when it comes to rosé. In terms of quality and style, Provence proved it had the edge, accounting for 7 of our 10 top rosés. Wines from Sancerre and Marsannay also came out on top, with all 3 of our top 10 hitting the highest mark of 93 points.

Rosé wine sales have developed from the bottom up, gaining momentum due to its uncomplicated style and pretty colour. The growth in premium rosé is changing this category, as more complex wines appear.

The best wines showed a complex range of fruit characters (strawberry, redcurrant, cherry, peach, rhubarb, pomegranate and floral notes), fresh crunchy, zesty or leafy acidity, and hints of orange peel, garrigue, herbs or a savoury note. The best displayed fruit intensity rather than neutrality.

Colour had little correlation with quality, but reflected variety and origin. A few were almost water-white, with little fruit character, suggesting that more effort had gone into appearance than taste.

Price gives a vague indication of quality, with only one of the top 10 wines under £15. But it’s not a guarantee. Best advice: know a good wine merchant.

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