California Cabernet for Christmas

If you're having beef, hearty stew or strong cheese over the festive season, one of these California Cabs could fit the bill...

Enjoy some Californian Cabernet this Christmas – these are wines that can stand up to rich food such as red meats and strong, hard cheeses.

Like a top Barolo or Bordeaux, California Cabernet can be dense and tannic when drunk young. Traditionally, the consensus has been that they need cellar time to become more approachable, but more and more people are drinking these wines when they are still in their infancy.

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Modern viticultural and winemaking practices have helped to make this a possibility, with a trend towards lowering yields to increase concentration, and micro-oxygenation techniques softening tannins.The muscular Californain Cabernets of the previous two decades are beginning to give way to more modern, elegant styles.

Our list below focusses on the latter – more accessible, elegant styles of Cab that will complement rather than overpower your Christmas dinner.

California Cabernet for drinking this Christmas:


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