Jane Anson

Bordeaux to cut number of chateaux names

In an attempt to simplify Bordeaux wines for the consumer, estates are being told to stop using several different chateau names for the same wine, bottled at the same property.

Merchant accused of selling fake top Bordeaux

A Bordeaux wine merchant has been accused of selling table wine labelled as top Bordeaux from prestigious chateaux including Pichon Longueville, Leoville Barton, Gruaud Larose and Saransot Dupre.

Unauthorised Parker biography ignites passions

Hanna Agostini, Robert Parker's one-time representative in Bordeaux, is publishing an unauthorised – and by all accounts highly inflammatory – biography of the world-famous critic.

Buying limits on Foire Aux Vins

Buying limits are being imposed in French supermarkets to stop wholesale wine merchants snapping up blue-chip wines at knock down prices in the Foire aux Vins.

Merlot harvest  begins in Pomerol

The Merlot harvest began in Pomerol last Friday (September 14) reportedly for young vines on some Moeuix estates, and chateaux on the plains.

Petit Verdot on the rise in Bordeaux

Petit verdot, one of Bordeaux’s lesser-known red grape varieties, is on the rise according to figures from the Bordeaux wine trade body (CIVB).

Cru Bourgeois to rise again with new name

The beleagured Alliance des Crus Bourgeois is set to fill the vacuum left by last month’s government decision to scrap the 2003 classification and ban its mention on wine labels.