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Wrong place right wine

ALAN SPENCER seeks out châteaux producing wines to rival the grands crus classés but at a fraction of the price due to their location outside the most élite appellations…

Time to party

The Bordelais know how to shake off the stuffy image and throw a good party, but it is all in the name of promotion, as STEPHEN BROOK finds out

Keeping it in the family

Crippling death duties and poor returns have made running the family château in Bordeaux a precarious business. WILLIAM BOLTER reports on the triumphs and the pitfalls

Art or science

Experimentation in winemaking is not only commonplace in Bordeaux, it is also increasingly accepted. JAMES LAWTHER MW reports

Wine investment – Bordeaux

2000 may be a fantastic Bordeaux vintage, but there are no guarantees when buying en primeur. JOHN STIMPFIG lays down some guidelines

Cosy tradition

STEPHEN BROOK explains why buying Bordeaux is so complicated, and how best to go about it

Risky business

STEPHEN BROOK remains unconvinced by the en primeur system. Here he gives his view of the principal shortcomings

Wines for drinking

Which 1980s and 1990s vintages are ready to be drunk now? DAVID PEPPERCORN MW passes on the benefit of his detailed knowledge

Through the keyhole

For a fascinating insight into the demanding and complicated business of running a château, ALAN SPENCER goes behind the scenes at Château Pontet-Canet

Fruit power

Without a doubt, the style of wines from Bordeaux is evolving. JAMES LAWTHER MW asks if winemakers are pandering to American tastes

Beyond Rioja

When Rioja prices rocketed towards the end of the 1990s, buyers started to look elsewhere. JOHN RADFORD highlights the best affordable Spanish regions giving Rioja a run for its money


Valdepeñas reds have a rather unglamorous image but, as JOHN DOWNES MW discovers, the value and improving quality of these wines make this a region for closer attention

Bin End

Actor Sam Neill seems more nervous about the prospect of his wine being slated than he is of seeing his latest film get a critical drubbing. RICHARD NEILL

Wine investment

John Stimpfig begins a series on buying wine as an investment with a look at the potential rewards

Rural retreats

SUSAN KEEVIL, city dweller, is given the awful task of driving around the British Isles to sample three of the country's best hotels

Investment scandal

The Champagne conspirators were found guilty as charged, but it's a case of buyer beware, says Jim Budd

A sense of place

South African winemakers are now planting the right grapes in the right locations. JOHN DOWNES MW returns after 20 years and notices the difference

Albarino grapes

Albariño is the mainstay of quality wines produced in Spain's Rías Baíxas and Portugal's Vinho Verde. KITTY JOHNSON profiles a variety that loves rainy days and wet weekends…

Bordeaux Chile style

CONAL GREGORY MW investigates the Chilean speciality grape Carmenère and the exciting Bordeaux-style wines that are now being created with it

syrah shiraz

This once maligned grape is now popular worldwide, but no one in the Barossa is complacent. CATHARINE LOWE reports on the evolving nature of this South Australian wine


CATHARINE LOWE profiles the figures who, through a mixture of dedication and skill, have shaped and will continue to shape the winemaking landscape of the Barossa Valley


Is the market waking up to Riesling? If so, Eden Valley should be at the forefront of the revolution. CATHARINE LOWE reports

Barossa Revolution

Throughout the Barossa, winemakers and growers are experimenting,

Interview Christian Seely

He has a formidable business brain but he also wants to make great wine. Christian Seely, the new man in charge at AXA Millesimes, talks to JOHN STIMPFIG about his…

Northern lights

Yiannis Boutaris calls it the 'retsina stigma', the widespread negative perception of Greek wine. Now he and his son Michaelides are among those bringing the wines of northern Greece to…

Paris City Guide

Paris is for lovers – and wine lovers in particular – finds ROWENA MEDLOW

Into the valley

A dividing line between northern and southern France, the Loire Valley is filled with colour, beauty and regional differences